Important API Details


Access to our API is restricted by a token-based authentication. In other words, your account is associated with a unique secret key that is required to connect to the API endpoints.

In order to receive your authentication key please send an email with the subject `Auth Key *identifiable name*` to support@gameye.com and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. This token is private, be careful about how it is shared.

Dockerhub Linking

In order for Gameye to pull an image and deploy it across the globe, you need to send a link to your image repository as well as add our Gameye dockerhub user as a team member with read access to your repository. Gameye's dockerhub user is: `gameyedocker`.


Gameye will fire a GET request to the supplied callback(s) URL after the match has ended. The request itself won’t contain any data due to security reasons. We recommend setting the unique match id in the callback URL so you can identify the match. For example, https://example.com/match/uniqueid After receiving the callback you can fetch the statistics for the specific match. In case the supplied URL doesn’t respond with an HTTP 200 status we’ll retry the callback 10 times with 500ms intervals.


Our API returns standard HTTP success or error status codes. If available, we will also include extra information about what went wrong encoded in the response as JSON. The various HTTP status codes we might return are listed below.






The request was successful.


Bad Request

Bad request.



Your API key is invalid.


Not found

The match has not been found.


MatchKey has been used

The MatchKey already has been used. Please try a different MatchKey.


Session not started

The session can't be started. Could be due to too many sessions in a short period


Too Many Requests

This server location has reached its request limit.


Internal Server Error

An error occurred with our API.


Service Unavailable

This server location is temporary out of capacity.


Gateway Timeout

Failed to reach one of our internal services.

Rate limiting

You can make 600 requests per minute to each API endpoint, except the Create Session or the Create Start endpoints which are both limited to 300 requests per minute.

If you think you’ll need a higher rate limit, please drop us a message at 'support@gameye.com', with the subject "Rate limit"

Gameye OpenAPI Specification

Information on our API YAML specification can currently be found here For the JSON version please click here

Updated 10 Mar 2022
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