How to request priority support

At Gameye, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to request help from us. This means that we offer multiple different channels for you to get in contact with us. It is important to know that while we do offer multiple ways to talk to us, not all of them have an SLA time frame attached to them.

Official forms of contact and SLA time frames

We strive to offer the best support response times in the industry. We understand that running a live game may require support at potentially any time of the day or night. We offer the following types of contact and the response times attached 24/7/365. Yup, we guarantee a response time for urgent issues at literally any time of the day or night.

Contact type

Contact detail

SLA (Response times)



Low - Best effort Medium - 2 hour High - 1 hour Urgent - 30 minutes

It’s important to understand what each level of support means in order for us to best prioritize the requests that are sent to us. The table below will hopefully give you a clear idea of what the difference is between Low, Medium, High and Urgent requests. If you’re unsure of what request level to use when submitting a ticket, feel free to ask.

Response TimeType of requests


New addon / template / game request (For Esports customers) New location requests SDK change requests


Players can not join some sessions (Less than 50% Packet loss to sessions Game sessions randomly stop/refuse a connection


Players can not join some sessions (More than 50%) Some locations/services offline High packet loss across more locations/sessions


Players can not join ANY sessions All locations/services offline Nothing at all works and everything is on fire

Setting priority in email

Our ticketing system uses powerful automation that allows your email to have its priorities set correctly once sent and in turn correctly actions all support requests. All you need to do is include the priority in your email subject. For example, if you wanted to submit a ticket via email to say that your services are completely down and it’s urgent, the subject would look something like: “Help! All of my services are down. [Urgent]”

Unofficial forms of contact

We offer multiple different ways of contact if you require it. These types of contact have no time frames attached to them as they do not currently have usable metrics for tracking. Only use these forms of contact if your issue is of low priority and can potentially wait for someone to get back to you. We will always strive to get hold of you as soon as we can. Please note that we may ask you to submit a ticket via email. This will be done if the request is out of hours or of a higher priority that should be looked at as quickly as possible.

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