At Gameye, we are always looking for ways to improve our service and support offering. This means that we want to hear from you when things don’t go to plan, or if you were expecting more. We also want to hear from you when things go well or if a specific member of the team has done an exceptional job.

The easiest way to submit feedback at any time is to use the following link: forms.gle/XQRgiysmaWFVJHFi8

Quarterly Feedback

Every quarter, we’ll reach out to you to have a discussion around our service and how you’re using it. These sessions will be used to gather feedback and feature requests, which we will then discuss internally. The aim is to keep you; our customer, in the loop with what we are doing and what we could do better. These feedback sessions will usually be conducted by your account manager or the technical support manager and can either be done onsite or over the internet/phone - It’s up to you!

Updated 16 Apr 2021
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